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Download Adsense Friendly Template For Blogger

Blogger Template:

  Guys, today I m going to give you the best template for blogger, which is completely free and Adsense friendly if you want to know the name for this template. This template is called “ Sora Coin “  ( blogger templates ) you can check out the demo for it.

blogger themes

Live Demo


The template is completely customized, you people just Install it. I have done all the customizations for you in it.

Blogger Template- Download

Blogger Responsive:

The Template Which I have mention you to Download. It is completely free of Cost. It's Mobile Friendly, Responsive.

Some Other Themes:

The Best Template For Job Websites | Muhammad Hilal

Job Template for Jobs Websites

About the Theme:

Hey guys, today I'm here to give one of the best themes. Which will help you out for applying it, on a Job website? The best thing about it. The speed of this template is 100/100, so you must try this awesome Template.
First of all, I will let you know about some of The features of this Template.

  • The Template is Completely Free of Cost.
  • In This Template, you have No issue for speed 100/100 for Desktop and 97 for Mobile.
  • This is also Adsense Friendly Template, can get approval soon.
  • SEO Friendly Theme.

Free Available:

If we talk about job website themes, No one provides that kind of themes free of cost for the user. sometimes people think that he will create a better site or something else or he will rank it.


If your writing content on a job site. Then user wants to load pages with much better speed. So if you want to user comes to your site anytime with any fear so you can use this theme for the great experience for them. 

Adsense Friendly Theme:

The theme which I am going to provide you it's very easy and you can get your Adsense approval very fast. If you want to earn a huge amount of money from Adsense you should use it.

SEO Optimize:

This Theme is also SEO Optimize if you can't rank your site and want Seo Optimize Theme, So for sure, you can use it without any fear.


How To Download PUBG On Pc | Muhammad Hilal

How To Download PUBG On Pc 

Now a Days Trendy Game PUBG, Most people want to play the great Game on PC / Laptops. 
PUBG for Pc Free. If you want to play on Pc so there are some sources which make able to play the game. 

Download PUBG For PC

  • BlueStack 
  • Tencent 


In my opinion, I have played this game on BlueStack but it gets too much slow on BlueStack. BlueStack itself to much heavy Software to run on a normal PC. 


This another software, we have which PUBG gives you a great experience. Nor it hangs at the middle of the Game nor it stops. it runs PUBG Somthly.
when you click on the download link you will have to wait 11 sec then skip ad and download it.

Download Tencent Free

Create Payoneer Account & Get 25$ | Muhammad Hilal

How To Create a Payoneer Account

 What is Payoneer??

Payoneer provides us with a platform, where we can transfers over online generated money to our bank accounts, by using Payoneer. It works well For freelancers, users etc.
Payoneer provides many ways of getting paid, for International clients and Global Markets Places, too quickly. It’s user base and it supports up to 200 Countries. Payoneer is also an alternative to Paypal.


How It Works:

If anybody signed with Payoneer, it works like a virtual account. Which can be used for sending or receiving money for all the platforms which are supported by it. It gives access to withdraw your money directly to your bank accounts, it doesn’t even cost a piny.

                            Best highly paid URL Shortener To Earn Money Online

How To Sign Up ??

Here are Few Steps to follow.

In the Very First step, it will require very general details which will require from you.
  • Click Here
  • Now you will see a form which you have to fill.
  • Click on Individual.
  • Now give your first, last name, Email Address and your date of birth of your NIC.
  • Go and click On Next
Make Money with Facebook

In the second step, it will require some more details after giving your Personal details. It will be the second step to go. Here they will require some contact details through which they will reach you.
  • Select Your Country
  • Your Address
  • City
  • Post Code
  • Phone Number
In The Third Step, there will be some question about your security. But make sure it will require your some identification, it could be your NIC.
  • Issuing Country
  • Security Question
  • ID Type and ID Number.
At the last step, they will ask for your bank details.

The Best Method For Making More Money From Adsense | Muhammad Hilal

The Best Top Ways To Increase Your Adsense Earnings

When we talk about online earnings on the top priority, Adsense comes here. Google Adsense is a platform where people make their huge incomes monthly when they use it in a legal way, Google Adsense is the most reliable ad network.

make money with adsense

If you guys want to know how To Increase your Adsense Earnings so you're in the right place.

Best tips for increasing your revenue:

Putting ADS On A Right Place: 

   Try to place your Adsense ad unit above the fold, then ads will get views when visitors come to your website, and it will help you out in making more money with Adsense.

Quality Niche:

  By choosing A good quality niche means, that you have to choose those niche which pays more m, whom CPC rate is high as compared to other niches. When you have a good quality of niche, Adsense will pay the best payout rate.

Know How To Use Traffic Search Engines:

  Google Adsense gives you, more revenue when your traffic is organic. That means you must have google search traffic. It will help you out to make more money, if you want your traffic from google for it you will need to do proper SEO for your website.

High-quality content:

   For this, you will need to generate some of high-quality articles or content, on your website. That also generates high CPC in your Adsense account. Earn a huge amount from it.

Earn Money With AdsFly | Muhammad Hilal

How to Make $100 Per Day With Adfly?

Adfly is another best URL Shortener website. Which gives you a lot of benefits to earning money online. It pays for that user who is interested in using their website for Shorte their URL, you can easily make many DOLLARS with this best website, in this article you will get to know all the things related to adfly.

make money online

Best highly paid URL Shortener To Earn Money Online

How To Earn Money From Facebook

There are many people who looking for Online Platforms for online earnings, but I’m truly speaking, there is a lot of creative ways for making money online just lying down in your bed. But here I will just focus on using adfly for making money Online.

Sign Up For ADFLY

https://join-adf. ly/2612484
Remove the space & join with it you will get 20% Share

Here are some details about adfly:

  • Here are two types of networks ( CPC, CPM)
  • You can just get only one format of ads which is Interstitial Ads.
  • You can withdraw minimum 5$ from it.
  • You can get three payout options ( Paypal, Payoneer, Payza )
  • If you share your referral with your friends then you can get their 20% for lifetime.
Happy New Year Viral Script

How much it pays to you ??

So after reading about adfly, many people will think if we use the adfly network then how much can it pays for us. They are right in their own way because whenever anyone even me if don’t use to these kinds of things we must think what if I use it and I didn’t get my payment from it then what will I do, whom will be responsible for the time which I have wasted here. So this network pays you up to 10$ as per 1k views, it may be a small amount for you people, but just listen here if you think even for a second, there are many users who use social media networks on daily bases. What if you just only get small area from these social media sites for your Shorten links, then you can make a huge figure even 2x of your 10$.

https://join-adf. ly/2612484
Remove the space & join with it you will get 20% Share

You Must Know Best highly paid URL Shortener To Earn Money Online 2019

Best highly paid URL Shortener To Earn Money Online 2019

The URL Shortener is one of the most powerful and easy methods to earn Money Online 2019. In today article you will get to know some of the best URL Shortener’s sites which will allow you to make Money when you use them to shorten the long tail URL from some of the sites which are trendy’s. you can easily shorten their URLs and can past it, on any social media platform and you can earn a lot of money from it. 

It doesn’t even need any famous website or any blog to build, but it has a bounce point if you have that, which will help you more. The easy way you can share these highest paid URL Shortener links on your blog/website, social media accounts, like FACEBOOK, TWITTER, GOOGLE+, or any other social sites. 

When someone clicks on the link, which you have shared anywhere, then you will get some money will be added to your Shortener site account. The most simple method to earn Money.

So why you are waiting?? Just get started with the given link below. If you want to earn money online then you just need technical skills m. 

Best URL Shortener site which will use more in 2019 

Addlinkearn – top most used URL Shortener in Pakistan + India and some other countries. 

Addlinkearn is a Pakistani and Indian based Shortener for your links. This’s the most trusted platform like Adsense and highest paying URL Shortener. The best thing here is you can choose your withdrawals on your own daily, weekly and monthly. Instead, you can also get multiple options for withdrawals like Paypal, Wire transfer, Mobi-Cash, and Easy Paisa. 

It's not the only way to short ur URL links but you can invite users, on each per invited user you can get their 20% of their earnings, which means if your invited person earn 100% then 20% share will be your of the total amount. 

10 Important Android Apps Must Have Every Blogger | Muhammad Hilal

10 Most Important Android Apps Must Have Every Blogger

Hello guys welcome to one another new article to my site :)  , In which you people will know  which top 10 android apps must every blogger should have in there cell phones, because everybody wants to write blogs but they may don’t have enough time to keep a laptop and set and right nowadays everyone has smartphones so they can easily write their blogs with some of the apps. It will make blogging easy for every blogger;).

So let us get started with these top 10 apps for android. 

The first one and on the top of every app is WordPress ( Wordpress – Website & blogs builder ) 

With it, you can have the power for managing and publishing some of the niche related articles of your hands. Drage and drop your photo from your gallery. You can easily reply to a person who has commented on your blog post. You can track your visitor from where are they here in your blog or site.

2 Blogger :

The second one is the most popular apps and worldwide use name Blogger. This is really great and an awesome application from which you can publish your post look like Wordpress with blogger application. It makes easy for those who can’t remind many things on the same time they can just write few lines or things in their articles and can save that article as a draft. You can edit the existing article which you have published or you can pick from drafts. Another thing you can directly take pictures from your cell phone cameras and adjust it anywhere in your article. 

3 Writer: 

It’s an also another application in which you can write your article with much more smoothness. In simple words, it’s a writer in which you can write your notes, novels, blogs etc. 

4 Google Drive : 

Google drive is one of the most popular application as well when people don’t have any USB or anything for their important data they just think that what we do for our data to keep it secure for a lifetime. For them, google drive is one of the most secure applications in which people can keep their data secure for a lifetime. 

5 Photo Editor: 

The photo editor is installed in each and every phone nowadays. Now it’s a most popular editor in the world because of everybody 
You People can edit photos like your editing on your Pc’s. if you have skills.

Latest Photo Editor

6 Grammarly : 

This application helps you to reach out your grammar mistakes in your article and spell mistakes as well. As you people add Grammarly extension to Google Chrome and it works in your browser as your writing an article. 
Its help you out in if your writing you’re an urgent email to any office or somewhere else it helps you out from making spell mistakes etc.
It also helps you out in writing any post on your social accounts it will correct your mistakes.

7 Google Analytics: 

This is the official application for your android mobile phone from where you can manage your website traffic through google analytics.

8 Google Adsense: 

This application provides you to check your earnings with very ease of your Adsense account and your AdMob accounts. It allows you to check your reports of Adsense account at any time anywhere like blog earnings, your ads impression, clicks, page ctr and much more.

9 Google Keep ( Google Notizen ) 

Google keep is the most useful application for every blogger, you can keep your article idea, Pictures, and drawings, or draw with your smartphone and more. 

10 Dictionary.Com 

As the have useful worldwide searches and its covers 2,000,000+ English words, synonyms and antonyms. Perfect your ACT Study or other factors. You can learn spellings, correct your grammar skills improve your vocabulary with of learning features, you can use this app for your best articles. 

Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 Processor

Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 Processor

So Friends as you all know we were waiting for Snapdragon Processor. So Now they officially announce that the new upgrade is 855 Processor. So read this article and know the features of this 855 Processor,
What's new in this and what kind of improvement they have made.
What kind of things we can Enjoy !!
There are many things in this processor many things are complex. So here I am going to David This article in parts.

  • Connectivity 
  • Performance
  • AI
  • Camera
  • Entertainment


   When we are talking about connectivity so one thing just touches our mind is 5G.  ( Snapdragon 855 brings  mobile 5G to the world ). The best thing in this processor is that supports 5G. Here we will take help of  " Qualcomm Chip " X50 Modem. So in which Phones you get this combination of X Chip. Know that you can get support in that phone in which 855 Processor Chip is embedded in 2019.

  • Connecting the world with 4g and 5g.
  • Intelligence architectures.
  • Artificial intelligence. 
  • Stunning Photography and Video.
  • Immersive Entertainment.
But you can't get 5g Support by default. because it comes in internal X 855 Chip.  I wish it comes Soon in Pakistan. We can get 2gb Speed through mobile internet. Its first time that you get 2gb/s Speed.

On the other hand, it gives many things.  ( Worlds First )

  1. Wifi / BT/ Location.
  2. Spectra 380.
  3. Integrated WIfi 6-Ready Solution for mobile.
  4. 8x8 Sounding ( High Capacity ).
  5. Targeted Wakeup time. ( Power Efficiency ).
  6. WPA3 ( Advanced Security )


if we look at the previous phone we were just able to do few things but, nowadays we require high quality of mobile phones. In which we can do more things very fastly. Nowadays this chip importance Increases day by day.

SoC Leadership:

  • 7nm Technology.
  • Custom-Design cores.
  • Advanced Architecture.
  • Power and Performance.


This Processor is faster as compare to another one 45 % Is faster.


AI Snapdragon increase the performance by 3X. Qualcomm complains it will be faster from the older one. AI embedded 4th generation so when demand gets increases they increase their AI level Time to Time.
  • AI Brings Intelligence to XR


The camera is the most important thing our life. The embedded World First CV-ISP. where we can get powerful support for a signal camera. If we want to upgrade our camera to 68 megapixels, or we can get 24 megapixels dual camera support. Another thing we will get 4k Video recording in portrait mood as well with HDR 10. If we talk about video recording so here they made so many improvements.


If we are going to talk about Entertainment so here they can give us many Devices Like.
  • SmartPhone AR.
  • SmartPhone-Powered XR Viewer.
  • Standalone XR. 


Gaming plays an important role nowadays in every Smart Phone. Snapdragon 845 Premium Gaming 160+ Designs Commercially launched and Developed.

Supports: ( Vulkan 1.1 )

First for Mobile gaming.
  • 20% lower Power than open GL ES.
  • Games Get Closer to the GPU.
  • Enhanced Realism.
  • Elite Gaming Experience.

Physically Based Rendering ( PBR ):

Allows the Adreno 640 GPU to cut through demanding Physically Based Rendering workloads with ease. Up to 20% Performance Increase.

All Day Battery Life Do It WIth Your iPhone

All Day Battery Life How To Do It In iPhone 

In today’s article, I want to share with you guys some of my favorite tips on “ How To Achieve All-Day Battery life ” on your iPhone. Now I get this question a lot how to do I achieve all-day battery life and today’s article. I’m gonna share some of my tips and also my setting on my phone in order for you to hopefully achieve all-day battery life as well so let’s become.

iPhone battery life

  • The first option I want to share with you guys. Believe it or not, this one it’s going to be a biggie under cellular options. If we scroll down all the way down to the bottom of the list. There’s one option that drains a lot of battery and uses up a lot of data and that is the iCloud drive. Over the cellular connectivity when not connected to wi-fi will use the cellular network to transfer documents and data between iCloud. As you can see there turn it off because number one it doesn’t waste my data and number two it saves battery life only when I’m connected to Wi-Fi well iCloud drive files will sync with iCloud usually when I’m connected to Wi-Fi I’m near a power source it doesn’t take up my battery and it doesn’t take up my data believe it or not this one is constantly running in the background it’s an option I highly consider turning off.
  • A very basic option but I find that a lot of people change these and this help improve the battery life of your device now under display and brightness here auto lock is a usually set by default to 30 seconds the reason for that is because of course is going to help you preserve the display number one number two preserve the battery.
  • The other option I have seen a lot of people always change is under accessibility and display accommodations auto brightness it even says it there it will affect your battery life if you turn it off. This one will adapt the display to the brightness around you that way gives you better user experience. It helps you save battery life.
  • A most advanced option that you can go ahead and turn off under general if we go to background app refresh this option I always have it set to off. I never let my apps refresh in the background it’s just really not necessary this will help improve the battery life. It even says it right there it will improve the battery life on your device by at least a good 5 percent so you’ll see a 5 percent increase in battery life. If you just turn off that option completely.
  • In settings right here under privacy there are also a few options that I like to turn off starting with analytics data right here all these options if you turn these off these will send data to apple cos they’ll you see all that data that’s being set turn it off this will help improve the battery life of your device although. it does help improve Apple’s products if you don’t want to participate this will help you improve battery life.
  • Under location services, there’s also a bunch of other options. You can turn off depending on your needs right. I don’t use Apple maps so I turn off analytics data for that nearby in traffic as well this will help significantly improve the battery life of your device.
  • The other great option to turn off is under Siri in that very popular command Hey and then the word Siri. I don't want to activate your devices. if you turn this off this will also help improve battery life because it’s not constantly waiting for that command constantly listening to your microphone is not on constantly for that command so that will improve battery life.
  • There also an option under iTunes an App Store. that I usually turned off and that is automatic updates a lot of people you find this convenient and it is in a way but it does suck up a lot of battery power as well you have music apps books audios and updates to applications. That automatically download when updates are available and if you turn the data usage off as well that will also help you improve the battery life. If these are all on it will constantly be fetching for that data and it will drain the battery of your device a lot faster.
  • Now let's talk about iCloud there is a lot to talk if we go to iCloud services all of this information is being constantly sync. If you’re not using any of this with iCloud or you don’t like to use it like me I don’t like to use photo in the iCloud turn it off that will not be syncing with your device now iCloud drive if you turn this on remember there’s also applications down here that you can turn off so this data does not sync directly to iCloud drive if you don’t need it to you’re just wasting battery life under. iCloud drive all these other apps you can turn off individually so it's not constantly syncing with the cloud and sucking up all that battery life especially. If you're using data it’s also sucking up data and of course, we all know.

3 Best Free iPhone Applications You May Not Have Heard Of

3 Best Free iPhone Applications You May Not Have Heard Of

The top 3 free iPhone application you may not have heard.

Follow us on our facebook page. What are your favorite apps that you use that we may not have heard of and instead of being youtube and Facebook things like I wanted some more obscure apps so these are free apps there may be a paid element to them? (iPhone best apps)

  • - MuseMage:

 This is a video recording app that lets you adjust just about everything and there are other apps out there like but the difference is those cost money so if I want to adjust the color temperature.

 I can change it I can give things a more cinematic and them record a video of it or take a photo we can do magic color we’re kind of just a little bit and this is white in the background so it’s a little bit harder to tell but we have manual setting for white balance we have shutter speed we have iso all sorts of things we want to do a photo we can do that time-lapse stop-motion all sorts of things that you can do with the normal camera but a lot more advanced ability to change things we can also change the lighting all sort of things and its free so that’s a pretty nice app

  • IFTT 

Now take a look at the next step and the next one is if now ( IFTT ) this is not as an obscure app and its pretty nice at apple Jesus be submitted this one and if is like I said a free app to download and it allows you to customize notifications things like that so it stands for if then that kind of a simple programming concept and it means I’ll receive notifications if there’s a high pollen count in my area so it’s using a different application to give me this information and let me know and it’ll pop up on my screen if it rains tomorrow. I’ll get another mobile notification we can create our own so if this then that and we can use all of these things so maybe something with Instagramelse where so we can say if we take this photo post it to Facebook also or post it to Twitter it will do that automatically any time it sees those new photosite work with all sorts of different apps and you can even create your own and its free try out. They also have a web version as well if you want to get more complex but there’s a lot of different interactions with YouTube workflow great applications.
any new photo by you a new photo by you with specific hashtags new photo by you in area any new photo by you or a new video by you so will  pick any new photo by you and you to want to connect to these to each one of your apps and that will allow us to take any new photo and then maybe posted to social media and

  •  Swifty 

The next one is swiftly now Swifty was sanding by Vito 920 and this is a programming app this teaches you how to program for free swift is Apple’s programming language that they recently

developed an open source and it allows you to learn to programme on the go so this is swift basics variables boolean values arrays dictionaries so if we go into swift basics there’s all sorts of things so maybe types of numbers and it starts to teach you and teach you within here the actual code its self so you can go right into here start typing your code and learn how to do this by yourself and learn how to actually code on the one the way of doing something with your phone instead of having to have a Mac in front of you to do it the whole time a really great app.