How To Approve Adsense Account Get Approved Your Adsense Acount

Approve Adsense Account

how to approve adsense acount

My Story:

 I have Failed 60 times to approve my Adsense account, I'm sorry I'm not able to put the screenshot for you guys which may help you out. Now if your looking in youtube for the process of Adsense approval mainly they will tell you that if you reject so many times so you can't get the approval, but I guarantee you if you follow the few steps you will be able to approve Adsense account for your website. It's useless to say that if you got disapprove serval times you will not able to approve your Adsense account. In my story, they reject me more than 60 times.

What is Adsense Account:

Hey guy, today we will talk about Adsense approval, that how we can get Adsense approval. First, let get know what is Adsense. Adsense is a way where you can earn huge money either it is from the website, Admob or Youtube.

In this article, I will provide you just the tips for website approval, the rest is very easy Thanks if you like our article kindly share it

Website :

Nowadays its very difficult to get approved on a website, because Adsense has made huge changes in their policies. it's not that easy to be get approved for a website. There are some things which I face I'm going to mention below.

  • Under construction. 
  • Scraped Content.
  • Incentivized Traffic.
  • Nevigations

Under Construction:

When you haven't completed your website or ready your website, like when you haven't complete work in your HTML or you haven't put any social media links in your menu or you haven't put the links in menu bar & you just have created. Adsense will reject your application, they will simply say that your site is still under construction. Before applying Adsense make sure you have completed all the things on your website.

Scraped Content:

These days Scraped Content rejection problem is popular while people are applying for Adsense. Many people are complaining about this issue. The straight Forward answer for these kinds of rejection is The Copyrighted material in your website or you have a lower post on your website.
If you want to approve your AdSense account so avoid copy-pasting.

Incentivized Traffic:

This is not a common problem for every person but if you found any problem like this so make sure, you have removed all other network links from your site. They reject & will give this reason to you people if you have placed any other network link your website they will not approve your website.


So people don't customize their website & Apply Directly for the approval. Then they got an email like this that you don't have proper navigations something like that. So Make sure you have customized your website create proper navigation with which user well understood with that.

How To Approve For Your Website:

Follow the few steps & Apply for Adsense Account :p :

  1. Ready Your Website. 
  2. Apply Good Looking Theme.
  3. Customize your website with proper navigation.
  4. Create Free Copyrighted Artiles Minimum 16.
  5. Word Count per article 50+ but make sure it's all original not copied.
  6. Make sure you don't use copyrighted Images.
  7. Create Important Pages for your great website which is looking more professional (Contact us, About us, Privacy Policy)
  8. No Traffic Required.

how to approve adsense on blogspot

As Recently I have got approval with zero traffic on Blogspot domain name, Adsense doesn't require any traffic if you are a genuine user then definitely they will give you approval. Make sure you have to check out their policies, then it will be easy to get approval.

There are many youtuber who said on Blogspot they don't give you approval but surely they give you approval on Blogspot if you have created a good looking website. if you want proof so, i have also added the screenshot as or if you people want a live proof so contact me on my facebook page Muhammad Hilal Academy. I will provide you the link there. 


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